Series 1: The Trees

Trees are cool.  I could sit and watch the play of light and shadow within a tree all day long.

A lot of these images were taken while walking the dogs.  I live in an older neighborhood with tons of mature trees (not so nice in the fall…) so many of these are close to my home.  It’s a challenge to photograph anything with two Labradors looking for the next great smell…

If anyone has any comments I would welcome them.  This particular series I am planning on putting in one of the bound books.  Do any of these images not work?  Should I switch up the order?

Next post will be the columns planned for the accordion book.


Decisions made…

This could very well be my last prototyping session…

The book making class taught me a binding process that won’t really work for my photography project.  It did,  however, teach me enough to be dangerous and able to apply what I learned to a book that will work.

My friend, Deb Ingebretsen, suggested this: Japanese Stab Binding   I tried it and it turned out beautifully.   The hardest part of this (besides threading the needle!) was pulling the needle thru the thickness of the book.   Using a drill to make the holes could make this a bit easier.  This binding will allow me to print images on the pages that will be the book which is something that I really want to do.

The accordion book I made a few weeks ago ended up being deconstructed.  🙂  I took the accordion portion of the book and added a hard cover to it.  It’s much nicer than the plain paper cover.  Figuring out a closure for this is next on the list; I have some time to figure that out.

My next posting will include some of the images I am thinking about using as content for these books.  Till then…

Post book making class

The book making class I took was fun – it’s a gluey sticky messy process and it would be easier if I had four arms…..

I made a book and a box (see pictures).  The pages of the book were pre-bound; PaperSource (where I took the class) sells these in kits.  All I did was put a hard cover on it.   There is quite a selection of papers to use and the combinations are endless.

Applying this process to my images is going to be a lot of work.  First of all, I would need to continue taking classes since the size I want to make the book isn’t standard.  I would need to learn how to bind the pages together (glue or stitching).  I am not sure I really have time for that right now seeing I have about 10 weeks left in the semester and a boat load of images to print.

I talked to the women teaching the class (how nice it is to be the only student today!) and she gave me another idea for my books that might actually work.     There is a machine that will punch holes and you bind the book with a wire (similar to how a calendar is bound; see this link:  machine).  I would print the images on the pages, make the front and back covers, then wire them together – or use ribbon, twine, whatever.

Now, guess what everyone is getting for Christmas presents this year?

Instructor meeting

I had my first individual meeting with Gayle last night to go over the progress I have made on my project.  She seemed pleased with what I have done so far (picked most of the images for the column series, prototyping accordion books, thinking of different ways to present the images, figuring out templates, and taking classes).
Gayle also gave me some suggestions for images in the accordion book (‘tip’ them in so that they are hinged mounted at the page folds, try Jeff’s suggestion to have the print the page,  wax the images to protect them from fingerprints and drips, expand the project!)
You heard me.  She agreed with Jeff that doing three different small books was a fabulous idea and she wants to see this at the end of the semester.  Her idea ( and I have to admit I love it) is to do one accordion book with images on both sides (see image) then do two bound books.  Her vision was to have the books almost be an ‘installation’; bound books upright on the end with the accordion upright and open in between.

Another idea for my book project

My friend Jeff Curto took a look at my accordion prototypes last week.  He wasn’t all that hip to my idea of making the book, separately printing the images, cutting out the images, then taping into the book.  His idea was to make the image the page.  Print my images on the paper that will ultimately make the pages of my book.

So, I spent a few days figuring out how to do just that.  Printing all sixteen images on a single piece of paper was not going to work.  I just don’t have the equipment to be able to manage this length of paper.  So, how was I going to do this?  Smaller strips, of course.  The template above is what I came up with.

The length is 15″ long and 4″ high.  One page will require tabs on both ends and the balance of pages will require tabs on one end.  The black lines represent two things; the full template for the actual page and the location of the folds.  The yellow lines represent two things as well; the placement of the images and the folds.  The idea being, I would add my images, turn off the yellow layer, invert the image, then print the negative on Pictorico.  This will then give me a nice digital negative that will not only have my images, but provide me direction on where to cut and fold the paper after I make a kallitype print.

A second direction I am thinking about going with this is creating a hand made bound book.  (Again, another suggestion from Jeff)  I am taking a course this weekend.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I just can’t keep things simple.