Still working…

Semester is over and I did complete ALL the books I set out to do.  15 total book, 5 of each series.   It was a LOT of work.  And I learned a lot about printing and book making:

my Japanese Stab bound books had way too many pages and the covers I used were way too heavy.  A number of the covers have already broken.   My mom, who is a quilter and has dreams on how to fix things, has come up with a number of alternatives to the cover that I used.

the accordion books, which is a much easier binding, needs to be more carefully constructed.  Because my images were not all on one sheet of paper, I had to glue 6 sheet together to make the final book.  If I continue to do this type of binding (which is highly likely) I’ll need to put together some sort of frame to keep the entire strip of images even and straight.   I wasn’t that careful on my original accordions so that some of them have a strange ‘twist’ to them.

Practice makes perfect.  My next class is Portfolio Presentation.  Starts on Wednesday.