Step two: keep taking photographs

A few weeks ago when I started this project – I wasn’t sure what direction it was going to go.  My first shooting session I was fumbling around, trying to figure out how the wireless remote worked, and trying to work out how to get what was in my head into my camera.

My second attempt was much better.  I had figured out my lighting and mastered the remote.  The third attempt started out great until I remembered a comment I actually made about a friend of mine shooting a time lapse  movie on their camera.  I had this feature on my camera.  I set it up and went about shooting a great number of images in a short period of time.

I knew, as long as I stayed within a certain distance from the camera after I focused,  I could simply move myself within the frame and get the images I wanted.  I became much more comfortable moving and not having to fumble around with the remote for every shot.  If you have this option on your camera – use it!  It’s a lot of fun

IMG_2460 IMG_2450 IMG_2442

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Step One; start taking photographs

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….nothing, in my mind, is harder than that first step.  I can mull an idea over and over in my mind for weeks or months without doing anything before the idea fizzles out.

This project seemed different.

This project, I talked to people about.  People who helped me overcome my perceived problem of having no lighting equipment.  People who helped me with ideas of where to get props.  People who volunteered to be models!

I started shooting this project last weekend with my model wearing black.  This weekend she wore white.  A red leather chair may make an appearance.   I think I will succeed in this project because I am shooting and still excited about it.