Building a website

Since Apple got rid of iWeb, I lost my web site hosting.  And frankly, GoDaddy doesn’t need any more of my money.  I researched some different options for building/hosting my website…I tried a few sites.  If they required a CC for a trial I didn’t go any further.

RapidWeaver:  $80 or so, mac only.  not all that user friendly.  I’m a computer programmer and user friendly-ness is important.  This wasn’t all that user friendly.

Squarespace – reasonable.  struggled a bit with the free trial and the embedded images.  couldn’t figure out how to easily manage a portfolio and rearrange images, resize.  I spent an entire Saturday morning with this and did fall in love.  A website could be built quickly.  Templates can be reapplied without losing content.

VisualServer – really easy to use.  limited templates and not all that much of a difference between them.  I picked the cheapest option as a trial.   Easy user interface.

I ended up picking Squarespace.  I really warmed up to the interface.  I did sign up for the Developer’s site, where templates can be altered and all that jazz – it makes the geek in me happy.  I do think that, eventually, I will pick up a copy of Dreamweaver – it satisfies my need to be in complete control.


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