Now You See Me: On Location

I just got back from a two week trip thru Tuscany and Southern Italy with Jeff Curto.

WOW!  If you ever get a chance to go you won’t regret it.  The workshop is not only a way to get terrific feed back on your photography, Jeff works to get you immersed in the Italian culture.  If the scale in my bathroom is any indication, he did a good job.

Tuscany, Italy

A sample of the Tuscan country side.


This was a stop we made at a Pecorino cheese maker.  Lots of samples of the product!

Pienza, Italy

The Tuscany portion has homebased in Pienza.  My most favorite Tuscan town.

After a week in Tuscany, we made our way to Puglia in the heel of the boot.

Otranto, Italy

Otranto, Italy is right on the coast and is so lovely.


We made a quick stop in Alberobello where the Trulli are.  Super cool buildings but a bit touristy.

One of the things I did concentrate on while I was there was the idea of taking my Now You See Me project in a bit of a different direction.  What can I do with it on a location as wonderful as Italy…here are a few that I was able to create.  As soon as I get everything backed up and edited a bit more, I will post more on my website.


Sant' Antimo

All Images Copyright Amanda Dussault 2013


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