Instagram the world…

I just added a new link – over there on the right.  It’s a link to my Instagram feed. Mostly fun and quirky stuff I find during my day.  Sometimes I will post an image from my Now You See Me project there.

I like Instagram. I like the app, the sharing, and the chance to meet new people. Our Chicago group is pretty active, meeting about once a month to photograph and have lunch or something.  There is even a couple that drives in from Indianapolis for our outings!  If you are interested, find us on Instagram at @igerschicago.  We’d love for you to join us virtually or in person!

I think the best part about Instagram is the part about meeting new people.  @awareofthevoid is one such photographer.  I am not sure who started following who first but  I can say it’s been a lot of fun getting to know him both on Instagram and now on Facebook.  He loves film photography and does his own developing.  It’s been fun getting his opinion on such things as equipment and films.   We’ve helped each other edit images for shows.   We’ve never met in person – he lives in Ireland.

The world is a wonderful place!

Check out his work here:


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