Type, type, type, type

Still transcribing Grandpa’s letters.   I have, I think, four more letters to type.  There are lots of letters between Grandpa and his cousin, Otto, up until Otto reached Peru in the early 50’s, then they taper off quite a bit.  It’s so fascinating!   Things I have learned since reading these letters:

  • What the Marshall Plan was and what it attempted to do for European recovery after WWII
  • How difficult it was to get out of Europe at that time
  • What Grandpa was like before I was born

I am also working on scanning a bunch of old pictures that I will include in the book.   Photos of Grandpa’s graduation from The University of Chicago.   Pictures of him with his three children, pictures with me at three months old.   There are photographs of his mother, my great grandmother.   I do need to get in touch with Otto’s son Petr to see if I can get some photos of Uncle, Otto and Anny (Uncle, cousin, and cousins wife).

There are so many possibilities and directions I can go; I want to include some audio of family members reading the letters, maybe a short movie or two,   Embed some scans of the hand written letters and some other tidbits of information to help round out things mentioned in the letters.  My brain is about to explode.

Mom and I have also talked about making this available to the public via an iBook.  With my photography background, I am well aware of copyrights and I am trying to find an attorney that can steer me in the right direction – just because we have the physical letters, doesn’t mean we own the words.

First things first – get all the material together that I am going to use – type the remaining letters and scan all the photographs.  Almost there….


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