Another idea for my book project

My friend Jeff Curto took a look at my accordion prototypes last week.  He wasn’t all that hip to my idea of making the book, separately printing the images, cutting out the images, then taping into the book.  His idea was to make the image the page.  Print my images on the paper that will ultimately make the pages of my book.

So, I spent a few days figuring out how to do just that.  Printing all sixteen images on a single piece of paper was not going to work.  I just don’t have the equipment to be able to manage this length of paper.  So, how was I going to do this?  Smaller strips, of course.  The template above is what I came up with.

The length is 15″ long and 4″ high.  One page will require tabs on both ends and the balance of pages will require tabs on one end.  The black lines represent two things; the full template for the actual page and the location of the folds.  The yellow lines represent two things as well; the placement of the images and the folds.  The idea being, I would add my images, turn off the yellow layer, invert the image, then print the negative on Pictorico.  This will then give me a nice digital negative that will not only have my images, but provide me direction on where to cut and fold the paper after I make a kallitype print.

A second direction I am thinking about going with this is creating a hand made bound book.  (Again, another suggestion from Jeff)  I am taking a course this weekend.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I just can’t keep things simple.


Projects and more projects

I have signed up to take an extended projects class.  I spoke to my instructor, S Gayle Stevens, at the end of last semester for things I could do prior to the start of class.  Her reply;  Figure out a project.

That is easier said than done…..

I have spent all summer thinking that I would use my 4×5 camera for this.  I have since changed my mind.  I have decided to use iPhone photos that I take for fun, and for posting on Instagram, and print 3×3 kallitypes of them.  I will present them in accordion books using old book bindings as the cover.  After spending a few hours culling thru all my iPhone images, I narrowed down my selections into three different themes; trees, columns, and buildings.   I shared my ideas with the wonderful photographer Jeff Curto and he asked Why not do all three?  Oh, and you ARE going to make more than one copy of each book, like maybe 3 or 4 copies?

So, it looks like I have mywork cut out for me this semester.

If you are interested, the Kallitype process can be found here:  Kallitype process
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